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Angola/Namibia: Customs Assistance Agreement in force

The cooperation agreement on mutual administrative assistance between Angola and Namibia signed in Santa Clara, southern Cunene province, in July 2016 was approved under the Presidential Decree published in country’s Gazette of June 19.

Signed the Customs Mutual Assistance Agreements (CMAA) were General Tax Administration (AGT) of Angola by then CEO, Valentim Manuel, and Customs Administration of Taxes (AAI) of Namibia, Bevan Sililo Simataa.

The five-year agreement provides for mutual assistance between the customs administrations of the two countries under the conditions laid down by the legislation of each country.

This includes the prevention, investigation and prosecution of Illicit customs cases.

The document also provides for the research and inhibits the illicit trafficking of drugs and psychotropic substances, as they represents a danger to public health.

The two customs administrations agree to be responsible for the exchange of lists of goods whose import or export is absolutely banned by the legislation of each country.

On the other hand, Angola and Namibia agree not to authorise the export of goods to the territory whose import is prohibited by the recipient.

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