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Angola and Italy assess partnership in fishing sector

The possibility of establishing a partnership in the fishing sector between Angolans and Italians was assessed on Thursday in Soyo city, northern Zaire province, during a meeting held between local businesspeople and a representative of Italy.

The meeting, sponsored by the Italian embassy, aimed at assessing the current state of the fishing sector in Zaire province.

According to the deputy governor for Economic Affairs of Zaire,Alberto Sabino, the Italian government intends to invest in the construction of factories for fish processing and a shipyard, among other projects.

The representative of the Italian embassy in Angola, Milena Del Grosso, considered it a positive meeting, envisaging in a short time, a signing of partnership deals between Angolan and Italian business people.

She also underscored that her government intends to build fish processing companies of large trade value.

Source: Angop

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