Kapa clinches US$700M Mozambique deal

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In A quest to stimulate regional investment and economic growth, Kapa Investments Limited, a local company, has clinched a deal in Mozambique to construct a 500 kilometre road valued at US$700 million.

The road project, known as the Limpopo Corridor (N222), will be undertaken through a tripartite partnership with N222 Capital Projects of South Africa and China Harbour Engineering Company of Mozambique.

In an interview on Wednesday, company general manager Stephen Kabambi said the N222 is a strategic important corridor to Mozambique and the Southern Africa Development Community region.

The road will connect Pafuri gate in South Africa to Mapinhane in Inhambane Province.

Mr Kabambi said the firm, which looks forward to the execution of the project expected to begin in May 2018, is also negotiating for the construction of the port at Inhambane and the bridge from Maxixe to Inhambane Céu.

“We have partnered with N222 Capital Projects of South Africa being the concessioner and China Harbour Engineering Company of Mozambique being the funder,” he said.

Mr Kabambi said the company will continue to strive with its policy of business without borders in the spirit of Pan-Africanism.

In Zambia, the company is involved in a number of road projects.
Mr Kabambi said the company is working with Mota-Engil, Elevo Engineering, China Railways Construction Group 2 and Global Information Technology (IT) project Funding and Engineering (GITI) from South Korea.

He said in partnership with Mota-Engil, they have tendered for the Great East Road (T4) project from Luangwa Bridge to Mwami border.

“As Zambia develops its infrastructure, the company is committed to creating jobs in the quest to reduce poverty.

“Kapa is strategically participating in development projects, which has seen skills transfer and employment creation for thousands of youths,” he said.
The global firms bring experience in construction and rehabilitation of road infrastructure, fibre optics installation and rail.

“GITI has completed the feasibility study for the laying of fibre optic cables to all corners of Zambia under phase III. This will bring us into the realm of 21st century internet access,” he said.

Source: Zambia Daily Mail


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