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Mozambique earmarks US$40m for reforestation program

The Mozambican government plans to invest US$40 million on a reforestation drive over the next few years, state radio reported on Wednesday.

Quoting Deputy Culture and Tourism Minister Ana Comoana, Radio Mozambique said financing agreements for the reforestation programme have been signed between the Mozambican government and the World Bank’s lending arm, the International Development Association.

“All of them (agreements) are aimed at promoting and financing projects in the field of land and forests,” said Comoana.

In addition to the unsustainable exploitation and commercialization of timber, the reforestation programme places priority on combating deforestation, she said.

The official said about US$22 million was earmarked for the Strategic Climate Fund while the remainder would be for forestry investment projects.

In addition, projects should improve the management of the country’s forests by promoting rural development.

Source: Journal du Cameroun


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