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Angola diamonds co-operatives contribute to fight against poverty

The creation and organisation of diamonds co-operatives in the provinces of Lunda Norte, Moxico, Malanje and Lunda Sul, represent a significant contribution to the fight against poverty and hinder the illegal entrance of foreigners in the national territory, principally in those regions known for intense diamonds exploration and production activities.

This stance was expressed last Wednesday, in Luanda, by the C.E.O of the state-owned National Diamonds Company (Endiama), António Carlos Sumbula, during the swearing-in ceremony of the new boards of Endiama and the also public Diamonds Trade Firm (Sodiam).

“We’ll continue to organise the diamonds co-operatives, in co-ordination with the provincial governments of those provinces, aiming at the reduction of poverty indexes in the country”, Mr Sumbula explained.

Beatriz Jacinto António de Sousa is Sodiam’s new CEO

Source: Angop


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