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Malawi, Mozambique join hands to end cross border crimes

In an effort to strengthen border relations between Malawi and Mozambique, officials from Zobue and Mwanza borders held an interface meeting at Mwanza District Commissioner’s office.

Confirming the development was Mwanza border publicist Pasqually Zulu who said officials from the two sides met on Friday, July 14.

Zulu said cross border crimes, general border relationships, ill treatment of the travelling communities by security agencies and lack of proper documentations were key issues that took centre stage during deliberations.

In her remarks at the same meeting, Officer in-charge for Mwanza Police Rhoda Manjolo who was also the leader for the Malawi side commended the visitors for coming to the meeting saying the fruits of the meeting will benefit nationals of both sides.

“Am very happy that you are here in Mwanza. Frequent meetings of this kind will benefit not only Malawians or Mozambicans but the whole travelling community that we serve each day,” Manjolo said.

In her response, leader of the Mozambicans commended the initiative and she further appealed for continuity of meetings of this kind since they strengthen peace and tranquillity for both sides.

She further said that as Zobue they will make sure all the concerns being raised are dealt with immediately.

Reports sourced by this publication indicate that Malawians are told by security officers at Zobue to pay R50 on their way from South Africa.

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