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BNA sells 399.8 million Euros to financial market

The National Reserves Bank of Angola (BNA) sold 399.8 million Euros (equivalent to USD 446 million) to the financial market, of which EUR 95.3 million were availed to cover operations of several sectors.

The central bank, in this period, sold 229.5 million Euros in comparison to the previous period, by availing to the market 170.3 million euros (equivalent to USD 190.3 million).

According to the BNA’s weekly report that reached Angop on Tuesday, 77.7 million Euros were sold to cover the operations of ministries and state bodies and 71.6 million Euros for the oil sector.

It was also sold EUR 68.1 million to cover food operations, EUR 14.8 million to the health sector and EUR 14.7 million to telecommunications sector.

The average US dollar exchange rate of the primary exchange rate market at the end of the week stood at 166.745 kwanza, as well as the Euro which was 186.299 kwanza.

For the current management of the National Treasury, BNA placed on the primary market Treasury Securities amounting to 43.5 billion kwanza, of which 29.9 billion Kwanza in Treasury Bills (BT), 12.1 billion kwanza in Treasury Bonds indexed to the exchange rate (OT-TXC) and 1.2 billion Kwanza Non-readjusted Treasury Bonds (OT-TXC).

Source: Angop

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