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Mauritius to valorize lands it holds in Mozambique

Port-Louis, Mauritius’ capital, plans to start exploiting 20,000 ha of agricultural lands it took since 1999 from Mozambique, local website Le Défi média group reported.

The lands could not be put to use since due to accessibility issues. An obstacle that has been removed according to Mauritian High Commissioner in Mozambique. “Until recently, one had to cross the Incomati River by boat to access the site. However, about fourth months ago, the bridge promised by Mozambique’s authorities was finally built, thus making the lands accessible,” the website indicates.

“I was able to visit the site recently. We ordered for cadaster to get an exact map of the area whose lease we had. We also asked for missing documentation then launched a study to determine the soil’s composition and how it can be used,” said Jean Pierre Jhumun, Mauritius Ambassador to Mozambique.

The official then added that the Sugar Investment Trust (SIT) was approached regarding a sugar cane project, as the soil concerned is well adapted to the crop.

Source: ecofinagency

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