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Angola to Produce Canned Food

The Angolan market gained recently two canned food plants of tuna, sardines and horse mackerel, which can soon be exported to the European market, said Friday the Fisheries minister, Victoria Barros Neto in Tômbwa Municipality, south-western Namibe Province.

With the rehabilitation of these food plants the country will have on the domestic market canned food made in Angola, and in the medium term the country will be able export both to neighbouring countries and to Europe, thus recovering its position in that market, said Vitória de Barros in the inauguration ceremony of the two new plants of cold-storage and canned food in the municipality of Tômbwa.

The governor recommended to managers to process food by respecting national and international standards and, to this end, be able to count on the support of the Ministry of Fisheries, through the national management of infrastructures and the National Institute of Support to the Fishing Industries and Technological Research.

These and other facilities that will soon be completed, such as the fishing terminal and cold stores, under the public investment portfolio of the Ministry of Fisheries, will reduce post-catch losses and improve the logistics and distribution chain of the fishing products, she said.

The new Pes-Sul canning factory has the daily capacity to produce 125,000 canned food units.

The company that has been operating on an experimental basis since October 2016 distributes its product in the markets of the provinces of Huíla and Luanda.

Source: AllAfrica

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