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Angola: Treasury bonds lower in primary market

The National Reserve Bank of Angola (BNA) availed last week in the primary market, treasury bonds amounted in AKZ 48.9 billion ( Usd 1 is Akz 166) less AKZ 23.9 billion in relation to the previous week.

According to the report on foreign exchange market of the Angolan Central Bank, regarding the previous period of 28 August to 1st September, from the amount injected AKZ 39. 7 billion have been applied in Treasury Bill (BT), while AKZ 9. 2 billion have been made in indexed Treasury Bonds (OT-TXC).

In the previous session, the National Reserve Bank made available AKZ 72.8 billion in the monetary and foreign exchange market applied in Treasury Bills, Non-readjusted Bonds.

The issuance of the referred bills and bonds was based on the three-year maturity of interest rate of seven percent year.

Source: Angop


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