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Angola: Sale of foreign exchange reduces 17%

The sale of foreign exchange in the last seven days recorded a drop in its availability, with the sale of 138.6 million euros (USD 154.8 million), representing a reduction of 17 per cent in relation to the previous week.

In the previous week (from 28 August to 01 September), the sale of foreign exchange by the National Reserve Bank (BNA) amounted at about 167 million euros.

The BNA has made selective sale of foreign exchange to economic agents and financial institutions aimed at tackling priority areas, such as operations in the productive and crude oil sectors, as well as telecommunications, health and foodstuffs, among others.

In the last seven days, the BNA also sold nine million euros intended for the coverage of operations of exchange bureaus.

The average exchange rate recorded in the mentioned period was of 166.7 Angolan Kwanzas (AKZ) for one dollar and AKZ 186.3 for one euro.

Source: Angop


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