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Mozambican President Nyusi endorsed as party candidate for 2019 elections

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The Political Commission of the ruling party in Mozambique, Frelimo, has elected the current president of the country Filipe Nyusi to be the candidate for the next presidential election in 2019.

According to the resolution approved by Frelimo’s committee, the constant dialogue and willingness to reach an effective peace agreement with the leader of the main opposition party, Afonso Dlhakama, were important to support Nyusi to be the leader for the party and a presidential candidate for the country.

The decision was made during the 95th Ordinary Session of the Frelimo Political Committee held Wednesday in Maputo.

“I am very happy that my party has trusted me once again to be the candidate,” Nyusi said in a press release on Thursday.

President Nyusi has been repeatedly saying that he will spare no effort to reach an agreement with Renamo party and both leaders have been in frequent talks in order to keep peace in Mozambique.

Filipe Nyusi took office in 2015 as the fourth president of Mozambique, after the former President Armando Guebuza stepped down due to term limits.

Source: Xinhuanet


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  1. Unfortunately for us Mozambicans, the stealling always starts in the second scrutiny. It’s quite a good strategy, presidents are humble and attentive to every situation, they spend less, and do more in the first mandate. When will they stop using the first mandate as means to conquer the second one? When will they start governing like they mean it and it’s not only for their own benefits, we Mozambicans are tired of fake presidents, we need a true leader who shares a common interest with every citizen.

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