Angola foreign currency sales drop by 62%

Foreign currency sales dropped by 62 percent last week after the National Bank of Angola (BNA) has sold EUR 52.7 million ($ 58.9 million) to cover various operations.

This is according to the BNA data delivered to Angop.

The financial institution put at EUR 85.9 million the drop compared to the previous week.

Of the amount available, EUR 17.3 million was earmarked for Letters of Credit to coverage operations of industry and food sectors.

On the other hand, the banking institution mentioned EUR 13.4 million as having covered  operations of various Sectors.

Other sectors include healthcare with EUR 11.2 million, industry sector benefitted from EUR 10.6 million and EUR 134.3 thousand for operations of Ministries and State-owned institutions.

The average US dollar exchange rate of the primary foreign exchange market was USD = AKZ 166,747 and EUR = AKZ 186,301.

Source: Angop