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Czech Republic provides credit to Angolan business people

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Angolan agricultural firms intending to apply for the loan granted by Czech Republic’s Agrico are told to present feasible projects that will allow the quick repayment of the amount.

The information was released Tuesday in Luanda by the representative of the institution.

Michal Karmizin was speaking at the seminar on the presentation of bilateral business intentions between the entrepreneurs from the Czech Republic and Angola.

He said those interested in business could be entitled to more than 1 million Euros, but he did not disclose the overall amount available to grant credits.

According to him, the measure will enable Agrico to grow and create quick solutions to fund other projects.

In addition to money, there are means and products available for agriculture, poultry, cattle and aquaculture.

In turn, the State Secretary for Agricultural Business Sector, Carlos Alberto Jaime, said that Angolan businessmen should create viable projects to meet the guarantees.

He mentioned among others the letter of credit and ability to comply with the payment acts required by the company’s line of credit, Agrico.

Source: Angop


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