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Angola: 28% of Cabinda maritime passengers terminal works done

The technical and operations administrator of the Cabinda port, Artur de Carvalho said Wednesday in this city that 28 percent of the maritime passenger terminal and the breakwater construction works of the port has already been executed.

Speaking at a press conference, Artur de Carvalho added that the breakwater also under construction in the Cabinda port is 15 percent underway covering mainly the actions of laying concrete on the foundations.

The two projects carried out by Chinese contractor (CGGC) will play a key role in the region in supporting the industries in the province, including the oil and gas sector, and the trade activities  with the Republic of the Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The project also aims to establish an alternative connection to the province of Cabinda by sea with conventional container ships capable of transporting containerized and general cargo, light and heavy vehicles.

Artur de Carvalho also indicated that under contract terms, the projects will be completed between June and July 2018.

Source: Angop


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