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Angola: BNA cocludes first phase of Organic Restructuring Programme

The Organic and Functional Restructuring Project of the National Reserve Bank of Angola (PROF-BNA), which started in September 2016, ended in August, with a series of reflections and changes, including the extension of the central bank’s territorial deployment , generating provincial directorates and branches.

The implementation of PROF-BNA, according to a press release published on the official website of the central bank, which ANGOP had access to on Tuesday, aimed at redefining and modernizing the functional processes, as well as reducing internal bureaucracy and simultaneously alignment of the institution with the world main regulatory guidelines and directives.

According to the note, this programme has given greater accountability, promoting management by teams focused on results, reduction of bureaucracy, speed in decision-making processes, increased efficiency and operational effectiveness.

In this first phase, PROF-BNA allowed the concentration in the same area of ??support functions of an operational nature, of the units that ensure the processes of human capital management and merger of some structural units.

The centralization and standardization of the procedures associated to the functions and processes of investigation and sanctioning actions and of the corporate security processes, the institutionalization of the procurement process, aiming to assure the chain of acquisition of goods and services, were also the changes and reflections made in this first phase of PROF-BNA.

Source: Angop

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