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Angola: SADC rules of origin prompts trade liberalisation

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The implementation of the Rules of Origin under Free Trade Zone of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) will entail trade liberalisation and investments in several areas, said the manager of Tax General Department (AGT).

Dinis Dungo was adressing an opening ceremony of Workshop on Rules of Origin of SADC on Tuesday.

He said that the process will require the public and private sector strict involvement and compliance with the criterion of origin, the economic growth of the member states of the region.

Angola is a SADC member, and with the eventual adhesion to the Regional Free Trade Zone.

The country must obtain the accumulated knowledge of the other member countries in the most advanced implementation phase of the said mechanism of regional integration, added Dinis Dungo.

He stressed that economic integration through a Free Trade Zone is based on the rules of origin.

This preferential treatment entails exemption or reduction of the payment of customs duties of imports, tariff quotas, among others.

Meanwhile, the manager stressed the training action for Angola, especially at this stage in which the Executive is committed to diversification of economy with the re-launch of Agriculture, Trade and Industry.

The two-day Workshop is discussing SADC’s regional integration and the Community’s Trade Protocol on Trade.

Topics such as legal basis, definition of SADC Rules of Origin, criterion of origin are also under debate at the Forum.

Source: Angop

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