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Chinese to invest US$10M to mine minerals in Mozambique

Chinese company Mozambique Heavy Sand announced Tuesday that it will invest 10 million U.S dollars to exploit minerals in Chinde district, in Zambezia province, central Mozambique.

Company representative Feng Han, speaking in a community meeting in Zambezia province, said the mining area has a reserve of 3 million tonnes of heavy sand, and the Mozambican government has already given assurances for the company to proceed.

The minerals to be explored include ilmenite, rutilium and zircon.

Feasibility, environmental impact and resettlement study has already been done, Feng said, adding that environmental study reports had been submitted to the Mozambican government.

The Zambezia Administrator, Pedro Virgula, said families in the area where the project will be carried out will receive compensation.

Virgula also said the local population will benefit from the employment opportunities the project brings.

The Chinese company has replaced Delta Zambeze, which has been exploring the area for some years, and lost its operating license in 2014 due to an alleged lack of capacity to manage the project.

Source: NewsGhana

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