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Angola: Chinese consortium wants to invest in agro-industrial sector

The Chinese consortium, Citic and H&S plans to invest in water supply projects and agro-industrial plans in the southern Huíla province, in the coming months, its president, John Zheng, said in Lubango city on Thursday.

The businessman made the statement during a meeting with Huíla provincial governor, João Marcelino Tyipinge, with the participation of local entrepreneurs and the sectors of Geology and Mining, Agriculture, Farming, Fisheries and Forestry, Energy and Water and Tourism.

John Zheng expressed interest in participating in the region’s water development plan in a local private public partnership.

On the occasion, Huíla governor, praised the availability of the Chinese consortium to finance social projects in the province.

Citic Construction in Angola, a subsidiary of Beijing-based Chinese group CITIC is China’s largest state-owned construction company.

Source: Angop

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