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Mozambique: Kenmare increases production and export of heavy sands

Irish mining company Kenmare Resources has extracted record amounts of minerals at the Moma heavy sands project in northern Mozambique’s Nampula province, the company said in a statement announcing the operational and financial data for the fourth quarter and 2017.

The document reports that ilmenite production increased by 11% to 998,200 tons, by 9% for zircon to 74,000 tons and that heavy mineral concentrate fell 6% to 1.323 million tons, with exports increasing 2% to 1.04 million tons.

The company added that the prices of all minerals it sells increased in 2017 and that there is a favourable forecast for ilmenite and zircon demand throughout 2018.

Kenmare Resources is working to increase mining capacity due to reduced product quality in the Namalope region, with a US$19 million investment plan this year.

Source: Macauhub


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