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Angola Tax Office collects over three billion Kwanzas

At least 3.5 billion Kwanzas were collected in 2017 by the Tax Office of Uíge, assigned to the second Tributary Region, surpassing 2 billion Kwanzas in 2016, head of the Office, Fineza Dombaxe, told ANGOP.

According to the official, the amount is the result of payment of various taxes, such as stamp duty, consumption and labor income.

She acknowledged that, despite the difficulties resulting from the current economic situation due to the fall in the price of oil that also affected the taxpayers, the fiscal year 2017 satisfies AGT’s services, reaching 84 percent of the proposed target of 3.9 billion Kwanzas.

“In the face of the situation, we try to interact with the taxpayers, we have invited them to give strength in the sense of not discouraging and thanks to this work, we have achieved satisfactory results. This relationship between taxpayers has paid us much, “she said.

Source: Angop

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