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Angola outlines plan to reduce poverty rate

The Angolan government is due to start this year the implementation of the Integrated Plan of Local Development and Fight against Poverty, to significantly reduce the poverty rate in the country from 36. 6 to 25 percent in the next five years.

The programme – presented on Wednesday by the Ministry of Social Action, Family and Promotion of Women during a press conference – is intended to take at least three million Angolans out of vulnerable living conditions by the year 2022.

To be implemented in 164 municipalities of the country, the programme expects to benefit 412,624 needy people this year out of the 3 million foreseen until 2022.

In 2008 the data provided by the National Statistic Institute (INE) showed a remarkable reduction in the incidence of poverty estimated at 36.6 percent.

The government expected to reduce the poverty rate to at least 28 percent in 2017, hence the priority given to social sector in terms of public debt.

The current plan, an initiative of the Head of Executive Power, aims at accelerating the combat against poverty and conclude the reintegration process of 80,537 former soldiers.

In order for the project to be implemented, the minister of Social Action, Family and Promotion of Women, Victória Francisco da Conceição, said the government intends to channel a budget estimated at USD 3.3 million per year to be apportioned to the municipalities of the country.

In general, 541.2 million kwanzas will be annually distributed for the materialization of this plan, whose main goals must be the promotion of agricultural programmes, construction of social infrastructures, schools and sanitary services.

The plan is also intended at securing training and social promotion programmes, as well as to improve the access to drinking water and basic sanitary conditions.

Besides reducing the poverty rate the programme is intended to grant a greater autonomy to municipal administrations, in view of the local elections to be held in Angola for the first time.

Source: Angop

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