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Bank of Angola launches campaign on use of lower value notes

The regional delegation of the National Reserve Bank of Angola in Cabinda started Saturday in that locality, a campaign to raise awareness of the population on the use of five, ten, fifty and two hundred kwanzas notes.

The activity began in the market of S. Pedro and plans to reach those of Alto das Rolas and Cabassango.

Speaking to Angop Monday, the regional delegate of the National Bank of Angola in Cabinda, Sebastião Banganga, said that the sensitization was carried out due to several complaints presented by the population that have found difficulties in accepting the mentioned notes in the informal markets and commercial establishments.

Meanwhile, 7 banking and awareness-raising fairs are scheduled in the four municipalities of Cabinda including Zaire province, while about 3,000 bank accounts are expected to be opened.

In 2017, 4.000 Bankitas accounts were opened.

Source: Angop

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