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Japan finances Mozambican community projects

The Japanese government has promised to finance a further three community projects in the Mozambican provinces of Maputo and Sofala, budgeted at about 153,000 US dollars.

An agreement on this funding was signed on Friday by Japanese ambassador Toshio Ikeda, and by representatives of the beneficiary institutions. The grants form part of Japan’s Programme of Assistance to Community Projects and Human Security.

“I am pleased that we can begin a further three projects in cooperation with NGOs”, said Ikeda. “The three projects cover agriculture, health and education, and it is hoped they will have a great effect on improving the living conditions of the local people”.

The largest of the grants, for 79,400 dollars, is for a project to reactivate the Namaacha Agricultural Institute, in Maputo province. In charge of the project is the Italian NGO Progetto Mundo Mlal, which will be giving professional training courses in the agriculture and livestock areas. The project also includes installing a kitchen and canteen, building workshops and purchasing assorted technical equipment.

 The Institute is being reactivated in partnership with the National Directorate of Technical Education in the Education Ministry, and the Catholic Archdiocese of Maputo, and it should be operational in 2019.

A grant of 56,335 dollars has been allocated to a project of the Portuguese NGO Medicos com Africa-CUAMM in the Sofala provincial capital, Beira, for the installation of Adolescent and Youth Friendly Serices (SAAJ) in the Inhamizua and Mascarenhas health centres, in the outlying, densely populated peri-urban area.

The SAAJ are intended to provide sexual and reproductive health services to young people in a friendly environment. The initiative is part of the general strategy of CUAMM to support the authorities in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It is expected to benefit about 18,000 people.

The final project is the rehabilitation of the Combatentes-Mafarinha Primary School in the town of Dondo, also in Sofala. This project, budgeted at 17,500 dollars, seeks to improve condition at the school by building two new classrooms, a storehouse and a surrounding wall. It will benefit at least 1,200 students.

Source: AllAfrica

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