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Datsun expands its African footprint to Zimbabwe

Datsun announced that it is expanding its footprint on the African continent with the launch of the Datsun range in Zimbabwe.

Datsun will introduce in Zimbabwe the Datsun GO, GO+ as well as the Datsun GO+ PV (panel van), which is designed to exceed aspirations of a new generation of customers, including first-time new car buyers, ambitious successful people turning their desires into reality.

Moreover, the Datsun GO+ PV provides an attractively priced offer for small to medium sized business owners to sustainably grow their business, without breaking the bank to purchase a vehicle to run their business.

Des Fenner, General Manager for Datsun South Africa, says: “These are exciting times for Datsun and we are very proud and privileged to expand the brand beyond our South African borders.

Datsun has always been committed to providing cars that are reliable and attractively priced and we are pleased to be able to provide this offering to consumers in Zimbabwe.”

A key strategic component of Datsun re-establishing itself with a strong independent brand identity is the expansion on the economically fast-growing continent of Africa.

Datsun’s ambition is to bring the dream of car ownership within reach of Zimbabwean consumers.

“We are hopeful that Zimbabwe will become a key market for our vehicles on the continent.

At the core our goal is to deliver new and exciting products that meet local customer needs,”says Fenner.

The prices for the various models at launch are:

Datsun GO | $ 14 400
Datsun GO+ | $15 700
Datsun GO+ PV | $16 786

Sales & Services will be initially established through a network of five Datsun dealerships namely: Croco Motors and Clover Leaf in the city of Harare, Clover Leaf in Bulawayo as well as AMTEC and AMC.

Source: NewsDay

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