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Angola: BCC releases USD 73 million to fund projects

At least USD 73 million is the amount made available by the Commission of Cold Benguela Current (BCC) since 2014 to fund ongoing projects in member countries (Angola, Namibia and South Africa).

The funding of projects runs until 2019, said the executive director of Hashal Hamukuaya Convention, while speaking to the press Tuesday at the 2nd Meeting of BCC.

The director mentioned USD 30 million as being allotted to ongoing projects being discussed at meeting in Luanda.

He said the members at the meeting will present report on projects being implemented to ensure that resources are being properly implemented, accordingly with BCC.

The initiative also ensure an active participation of integrated ministries.

The meeting addressed the strategic issues of the Convention and approving the budget of the secretariat for 2018-2019.

The meeting took stock of the results of ongoing scientific projects in the three member countries (Angola, Namibia and South Africa).

The Angolan Commission integrates Ministries of Fisheries and the Sea, Mineral Resources and Oil, Environment and Transport.

The Convention of Cold Benguela Current was signed in March 2013.

Source: Angop

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