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Weekend: A brief photographic view into Women from Rwanda (2 of 2)

The CSMCJ, a Brazilian institution linked to the Catholic Church, works with several communities in Kigali, Kibeho and Butare.

The focus of the institution is on children, but the doorway for families are the mothers, who begin to learn a trade, while their children attend the school of the Indabo project and receive education, personal hygiene and food.

“Local society needs to be inspired by the significant work that is already done,” says Christine Niwemugeni, deputy mayor of Huye district.

In fact, “social tourism” is still common in Rwanda – foreigners visiting the country for short periods in small humanitarian missions, a practice that has been repeated since the end of the genocide – which may reinforce the withdrawal of public opinion from work done in the country.

Regardless, there is a clear network of collaboration, especially among the poor. This reinforces that, despite the conflict that marked the country and all the difficulties, peace returned to Rwanda. Is this not a consequence of the strong female influence in this new Rwanda?


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