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Angola: Minister announces construction of fishing port in Cuanza Sul

The minister of Fisheries and the Sea, Victória de Barros Neto, announced last Thursday the construction of a fishing port and a centre to support artisanal fishing in Porto Amboim, central Cuanza Sul Province.

The official, who was speaking at the closing ceremony of the Forum for the revitalization of artisanal fishing, stressed that “In paying particular attention to the creation and revitalization of the sector, these infrastructures will provide the best use of the fish catch.”

“We will act on the basis of the programmes drafted by the Executive to leverage the productive sector, thus contributing to the diversification, growth and strengthening of the economy in Cuanza Sul,” said the minister, adding that in this way it will be avoided high losses after the fish catches.

She also called on fishermen, ship-owners and investors to set up cooperatives and associations to increase productivity and competitiveness to support the challenge of exports substitution at medium term.

The cabinet minister said that regarding financial support the agents in this sector have provide their “well-designed and structured projects” for analysis and approval by financial institutions.

Victória Neto said that her ministerial department will continue to support initiatives in the areas of fisheries inspection, staff training and scientific research, despite the limited resources available.

The Forum for revitalizing artisanal fisheries discussed topics such as “The situation of the fisheries sector in the region” and “The revitalization of infrastructures / access to credit / legalization of vessels / consequences of the lack of supervision”.

Present at the forum were the governor of Cuanza Sul, Eusébio de Brito Teixeira, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Angolan Development Bank (BDA), Abraão Gourgel, diplomats, representatives of commercial banks, fishing associations and cooperatives and among other guests.

Source: Angop

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