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TNM extends coverage to 200 new sites in Malawi

Malawian operator TNM has announced the commissioning of an additional 200 new network sites with internet data capability across Malawi.

TNM’s Head of Radio Access Network (RAN) Jonathan Pinifolo said the additional sites roll out project has been underway since September 2017 when over 189 sites went live with a target of 246 sites expected by March.

Pinifolo said the newly commissioned sites include economically active zones with tourism, agriculture and cross-border trading activity. They include Songwe in Karonga, Chintheche in Nkhatabay, Mpherembein Mzimba, Monkey-Bay in Mangochi, Kunenekude in Neno and Khombedza in Salima. He said expansion to the additional sites aims to further widen TNM network’s reach and increase both access and quality for customers.

The Head of RAN said for the 246 coverage sites TNM is deploying a U900 network platform which provides a seamless connection to mobile data and broadband and complements the 4G/LTE network platform. Pinifolo said by adding new sites to the existing network coverage, TNM is effectively increasing access to world-class mobile telecoms and ICT services to customers, ensuring that no one is left out of TNM’s digital revolution.

He said TNM believes that access to quality network services in mobile communication is a catalyst to boost economic growth in all key agriculture, tourism and service sectors.

Source: Telecompaper

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