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Angola: Agriculture sector to finance cotton, rice production

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is considering financing projects to re-launch cotton and rice production in northern Malanje province, said Wednesday the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Livestock, Carlos Alberto Jaime.

He told ANGOP in Malanje that the funding – whose amount has not yet been determined – will  essentially cover the business sector.

Carlos Alberto Jaime said that contacts with Japan and China are in progress to finance the re-launch of cotton and rice cultivation.

The official said that business sector in Malanje has been affected by the economic crisis since 2014, characterised by low production of agricultural companies headquartered mainly in the municipalities of Cacuso and Kiwaba Nzoji.

“The sector intends to boost this process to reach the figures once recorded in historical cultures, such as cotton and rice, with the participation of peasant families,” he said.

The official mentioned 10,000 hectares of cotton as being cultivated on phased basis along the perimeter of Capanda Agro-industrial hub (PAC), located in the municipality of Cacuso, and in Baixa de Cassanje Region, which comprises the municipalities of Cahombo, Quela and Cunda-dia-Base.

He also spoke of hectares of rice being produced in experimental phase in Songo Region, specifically in the municipalities of Quirima and Luquembo.

Speaking on the sidelines of the visit by vice President of Republic to the agricultural fair, Carlos Alberto Jaime also reiterated the Ministry’s support for peasant families, by reducing the costs of agricultural inputs, aimed at increasing their profits.

Various products are displayed at Agriculture Fair, including the handicrafts and others that represent the potential of the fourteen municipalities of Malanje province.

Source: Angop

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