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Mozambique maintains commitment to infrastructure development

The Mozambique government has defined infrastructure development as an important investment pillar, a decision that explains the nation’s effort to expand and modernise the main roads and railways that link the country to the continent’s hinterland.

The Minister of Science, Technology, Higher Education and Technical-Professional, who represented the Mozambican Government at the opening of the IXX Intermodal Africa Conference, held in the city of Beira, Sofala, explained that all this development is being done in coordination with the governments of the countries served by these transport corridors, in particular those of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Speaking to port-rail operators, maritime operators, road corridors and providers of various logistics services for the sector, Jorge Nhambiu said that Mozambique has experienced positive results in the interaction with several countries of the hinterland, thus ensuring that regional economic integration becomes a reality.

The rehabilitation of EN6 and the deepest investments in the ports of Beira, Nacala and Maputo are included in the list of infrastructures for which investments were made available.

“It is our vision that the competitiveness and efficiency of national ports capitalise on the potential of rail and road infrastructures, which in turn contribute to our balance of payments and growth in the Gross Domestic Product,” he said.

He spoke about the ongoing dredging process in the Port of Beira, which will culminate with the restoration of the depth to eight metres, allowing to receive large draft ships with a maximum gross tonnage of 60 tonnes.

With emergency dredging in the port of Beira, according to Minister Nhambiu, the conditions will be created for the connection with the main trading nodes of the world.

In the northern region, according to the governor, many other investments were made, including the entrance of Phase Two of the rehabilitation of Nacala Commercial Port, an infrastructure to boost the economy of the north and some neighbouring countries.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, Manuela Rebelo, said that the IXX Africa Intermodal Conference comes at a time when Mozambique is engaged in the modernisation of infrastructures to enable it, as a service provider in SADC, to serve their customers more efficiently.

The representative of the delegated administrator of Cornelder de Moçambique, which operates the Port of Beira, António Libombo, said that his institution made an investment with a view to becoming a port of reference.

The president of the Beira Commercial Association, Jorge Fernandes, said that this was one of the greatest opportunities that entrepreneurs in the city of Beira have had to establish partnerships.

Source: Railways Africa

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