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Nueva Pescanova starts ship construction for its African fleet

Grupo Nueva Pescanova has begun the construction of the first of the seven ships that will renew part of its fishing fleet in Namibia and Mozambique until 2020.

It is one of the three 50 metre long fresh fish boats that will operate for its subsidiaries NovaNam and Lalandi in Namibia.

These three vessels will be built in the facilities of Astilleros Armon in Vigo, and will be specially adapted to the needs of the factory that Nueva Pescanova has in the city of Lüderitz for hake processing.

Ship construction for Namibia, together with four other 32-meter freezer vessels for shrimp fishery of the Pescamar subsidiary of Mozambique is one of the main investments planned in assets by the Group within its Strategic Plan until 2020. For the renewal of the fishing fleet in this period a total of EUR 42.5 million will be allocated.

Nueva Pescanova stresses that all the vessels will incorporate engines of high energy efficiency, its equipment will improve the on-board processing system and its habilitation will offer greater comfort, increasing the quality of working conditions and life of the crews.

At present, the Group has a fleet of 72 vessels that operate in the southern hemisphere.

Source: FIS European Union

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