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Weekend: Mozambique National Women’s Day

The Mozambicans who have the power

The latest census released in Mozambique indicates that the country’s majority population is female. Despite this fact, the country sees itself as patriarchal society.

But there is a place where women reign. The north of Mozambique is predominantly Macua (sometimes written as Makwa, Makuwa, or Makhuwa), one of the most populous ethnic groups in the country. The Macua culture is special, if we observe the behavior of the other ethnic groups that compose the Mozambican population: it is common to admit that the Macuas are a matriarchal society.

There are legends and customs about these women: sex, for example – a taboo in many local cultures – is a subject debated from mother to daughter, including the maintenance of old traditions, which give Macua woman a different angle about sexuality.

Mussiro, a resin taken from a plant of the same name, is the great Macua female brand, used as a cosmetic and sunscreen, and sometimes identifies certain cultural signs regarding the marital status of the woman.

Happy Women’s day to our Mozambican mothers, sisters, wives, cousins, neighbours, colleagues, friends and to all other Women who build this country and its future everyday.

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