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Angola gets US$500M from HSBC account in London

Angola has recouped the USD 500 million illegally transferred from the National Reserve Bank of Angola (BNA) to HSBC account in London, Finance Ministry has said.

Angolan authorities are working on recouping a further 24.85 million Euros transferred into an account held by Mais Financial Services, it said in its note delivered to Angop on Monday.

Angolan government thanks the British authorities and all those who have contributed in some way to the recouping of these resources.

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) is handling the issue, in the light of the Law, “reads the note.

The source quotes Mais Financial Services, a company managed by a person close to Jose Filomeno dos Santos, the son of Angola’s former president, as having proposed the start-up of a USD 35 billion strategic investment fund for state projects and another that would place USD 300 million weekly in the local currency market.

All operations would have been brokered by Mais Financial Services, which allegedly had the support by a top international banking syndicate.

According to Finance Ministry, the promoters presented as a preceding condition the capitalisation of USD 1.5 billion by the Angolan authorities, plus a payment of 33 million Euros to set up the financing structures.

Between July and August 2017, 24.8 million Euros were paid to Mais Financial Services to set up the financing operation.

In August of that year USD 500 million were transferred to PerfectBit’s, contracted entity by the promoters of the operation, allegedly to hold the funds to be structured.

The  PerfectBit manager, Jorge Guadens Pontes, was appointed to the position days before the transfer of the referred amounts, according to the note.

The HSBC was asked to freeze the funds held in the account after the Finance Ministry conducted a due-diligence exercise, under the guidance of the head of State.

The  due-diligence exercise help discover that the PerfectBit was a dormant company.

Source: Angop

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