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Tanzania: Grains prices remain stable in 3 months

Contrary to price stability of grains in the city, demand for the commodity has decreased by about 70 per cent, wholesalers have revealed.

A survey by The Citizen has establish that prices for grains including maize, rice and beans have remained stable since January 10 to April 10 this year. The survey around various markets in the city found that wholesale prices for 100kg bag of rice ranges between Sh150,000 and Sh200,000 depending on grades, with retail prices remaining at Sh1800/Sh2000. Wholesale prices of 100kg bag of maize have also remained stable at Sh100,000 and Sh140,000 while retail prices remain between Sh1000 and Sh1400. The wholesale prices of 100kg bag for beans which is sold at Sh170,000 and Sh230,000 while retail prices remained at Sh2000 to Sh2800, depending on the type of beans.

Wholesalers say reduction in demand from big hotels, restaurants and individual consumers in the city have reduce the volume they use to sell.

Mr. Idrissa Makengwa a wholesaler and retailer of rice, maize and beans at Kisutu market in Dar es Salaam, said contrary to prices demand have fallen.

“Prices of rice have remained the same for the long time but, demand have fallen” he said Mr Makengwa.

He further explains that previously the same hotel which now request 50 kilo of rice per week they use to demand 200 kilos, while some restaurants have cut their demand from 300 kilo to less than 100 kilogramme.

Source: allAfrica

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