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Angola: Yetu cement arrives in Luau

At least 400 tonnes of the Yetu cement brand, which is produced in the centre-west Cuanza Sul Province by the FCKS factory, will start to be transported this Saturday, through the Benguela Railway Company (CFB), to the municipality of Luau, a border region of the eastern Moxico Province, in the ambit of the company’s wider promotion of this product.

“This is our first load of this product to be transported through the CFB and we intend to keep on exploring new markets in this corridor (Huambo, Bie and Moxico provinces) in the ambit of our trade strategy, and eventually in the future we’ll want to reach the neighbouring countries”, announced on Tuesday, at a press conference, the company’s regional sales manager, Jacinto Silva.

He seized the occasion to disclose also that the FCKS project is to enter its second phase soon, adding that such move will enable the increase of production from 5000 tonnes to 10,000 tonnes per day.

The FCKS factory reopened officially on 18 April, this year, after being on a standstill for eight months.

Being going on a standstill, on November 2017, the factory had a production of about 80,000 tonnes per month, which had enabled the company to start selling the Yetu cement to the neighbouring republics of Congo Brazzaville and DR Congo.

Source: Angop

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