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Angolan airlines to buy wide body aircrafts in 2021

The Angolan Airlines (TAAG) intends to buy two Wide Body aircrafts in 2021 to boost its international growth, increase the number of flights and resume flights to China and London, Angop learnt on Wednesday.

According to TAAG CEO, José Kivíngua, the current B737 aircrafts will continue for the next five years, since its main maintenance operations have already been concluded.

The official, who also introduced the company’s strategic plan for 2018/2022 during a methodological seminar run by the Ministry of Transport, added that, while the Narrow Body aircrafts is unavailable until 2023, the aforementioned freight will remain in operation.

However, should the Wide Body aircrafts start operating, the B777-200 airplanes will be withdrawn from the flights line, said the official.

The Airline has for 2018, five Boeings 737-700 and B777-300EU and three B777-200ER, which totals 13 planes, however, it expects to add two Narrow Body Jets by 2019.

The company’s routes are focused on Hong Kong/ Guangzhou which are more rentable than Beijing, while London and Paris destinations are currently held in codeshare flights.

Source: Angop

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