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Tanzania: April inflation down to 3.8% vs March’s 3.9%

The monthly inflation for April decreased to 3.8 per cent compared to 3.9 per cent which was recorded in March, this year, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said yesterday.

The monthly inflation rate assesses the rate of change in price for goods and service consumed by a private household in the country.

The drop in inflation implies that, the speed of price change for commodities in the year ending April, 2018 has decreased compared to the speed of price change recorded in the year ended march, 2018.

Some of the foods that contributed to lower inflation between April 2017 and April 2018 include grains by 5.2, wheat flour by 5.6, millet by 7.3, cassava flour by 9.3, beans by 9.2 raw cassava by 13.2, NBS’s Population, Census and Social Statistics Director, Ephraim Kwesigabo said.

He told journalists that, the price inflation for some East African countries, including Uganda in the year ended April, 2018, had decreased by 1.8 from 2.0 for the year ended March 2018.

On the side of Kenya, the price inflation for the year ended April, 2018 has decreased by 3.73 from 4.18 for the year ended march, 2018.

Source: allAfrica

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