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Angola: Taxation do not “sofocate” companies

The administrator of the General Tax Administration, Gerson Henda, said Thursday in Luanda that the supposed “suffocation” of some companies is not related to taxation, since there was no increase in the tax burden for taxpayers.

“There is no such suffocation, as they say, about taxation,” said Gerson Henda, responding to statements made by officials of INAPEM and the Luanda Business Confederation, according to which small and medium-sized companies are closing due to taxation .

Gerson Henda who was speaking on the fringes of the seminar on Taxation, addressed to associations of businessmen, Accountants and Lawyers, said that the isssue has to do with the conjunctural situation of economic crisis.

He recalled that the AGT reduces the tax burden on Industrial Tax, which went from 35 to 30 percent, in order to promote the private sector.

Given the context, AGT has been working to tighten the collection so that the tax obligations are fulfilled by the taxpayers.

Source: Angop

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