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Ghanaian royals signatories to investments in Kumasi

Despite a continually changing climate on the continent, Kumasi in Ghana is proving to be one African country investors are not shying away from.

International investment is coming into the region from places like India, Brazil and the Netherlands.

Lee Kasumba spoke to a member of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly who explained why there is so much confidence in the region from overseas investors.

One of the reasons why investors have so much confidence is because of every single deal or agreement made, is made with the Ghanian government, but the main signatory on that deal is the monarch.
Lee Kasumba, broadcaster

That means the deal can never be broken. So basically with the investors, they know when they invest in Kumasi and the greater Ashanti region they never have to worry about if there is a change in political administration.
Lee Kasumba, broadcaster

Source: CapeTalk

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