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Angola finance ministry sets up budgetary control system

The Ministry of Finance has created a budget control system, supported by the budget controller figure, to improve the management of public financial resources, said Thursday the minister Archer Mangueira.

In order to ensure the operation of the initiative, the minister said the sector has trained a staff to monitor the implementation of the General State Budget and ensure the strict application of the rules.

Archer Mangueira presided over the opening of the Seminar on Perspectives and Current Challenges of Angolan Public Finance: Opportunities and Challenges.

The minister said that the first group of Budget controllers has been recruited and trained in several areas of public finances.

The staff are ready to exercise control of the expenditure cycle.

As part of this initiative, a working tool has also been developed. It is a configurator in the State Financial Management System (SIGFE) platform, designed to support all controllers’ activities.

The Archer Mangueira has confirmed the working out of the procedures manual for the new area of ??budgetary control, an important instrument of support for future controllers.

“We are taking steps to strengthen the fight against intentional errors, illegal practices, fraudulent acts of management and other practices not recommended,” noted Archer Mangueira.

The incumbent of Finance defends that public investments have a repercussion in the implementation of new industries, job creation and in improving the conditions in which each and every Angolan lives.

Archer Mangueira has urged INFORFIP to provide, in all its trainings, subjects that ensure qualification on principles based on ethical management.

Representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the African Development Bank (ADB), delivered the one-day seminar.

Source: Angop

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