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Angola: Citizens can now withdraw money from ATM without card

The new system of withdrawing money from ATM machines without a card is already available for the public, in the ambit of the promotion countrywide of electronic payment facilities.

The confirmation was given last Thursday, in the central Huambo Province, by the executive director of the Inter-Banking Services Firm ( EMIS, which manages and services the ATM machines in Angola), Edgar Bravo Costa, at an interview to the press, on the sidelines of an exhibition of equipment used to re-process, destroy and verify the validity of metallic coins, an event promoted by the National Reserve Bank (BNA).

He informed that, in the initial stage, the citizens can only make such operation (withdraw money from the ATM, without a card) in BNI and Millenium Atlântico banks.

He also reminded that the system has been functioning experimentally for a month.

He then explained that for one to be able to use the new service, one needs to have a bank account and then require in one’s branch the issue of a code that one uses at the ATM (without the need of a card) , after which the person will be allowed to proceed with the intended operation.

On the other hand, he announced that EMIS has been dialoguing with commercial banks to find the best way to avoid lack of money for long periods in ATM machines, mainly in the end of each month and weekends.

He also admitted that the existing number of ATM machines (3095) is not yet sufficient to respond to the demand.

ATM machines were introduced in Angola in the year 2002.

Source: Angop

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