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Angola: Fish farming project repopulates with 80.000 reconverted fingerlings

Eighty thousand juvenile Tilapia (fingerlings) reconverted into males of the nilotic species were introduced in May, in the fish farming project located in Mona commune, central Lunda Sul province, with a view to restocking the nurseries.

This was told to Angop on Monday by the director of the Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Office, Nelson Txinguitale.

He added that the fingerlings were purchased by the Lunda Sul province government in a laboratory in Luanda.

According to him, the introduction of this species allowed to repopulate 40 nursery tanks (dug into the soil), which will help diversify the diet of the populations.

Nelson Txinguitale said that the project has been hit by a lack of regular livestock feed, which has created disorders in the development of the juveniles, especially in the reduction of the catch.

The project deal signed between the Lunda Sul government and the Catoca Mining Society, is part of the province’s Economic and Social Development Support Programme, started in 2012 with the introduction of five thousand fingerlings from the Republic of Zambia and includes 100 tanks with a capacity of 200 square meters each.

Source: Angop

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