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Tanzania sets aside 4 million for road linking with Zambia, Malawi

The government, through Tanzania Roads Agency (Tanroads) has set aside a total of Sh10 billion chelins of 4 million US dollars to proceed with the construction of a road that links Tanzania to the neighbouring countries of Zambia and Malawi, the Parliament heard today.

The Deputy Minister for Works, Transport and Communications, Elias Kwandikwa told the House that the government understands the importance of the Mpemba-Ileje Road to Tanzania’s economic fortunes, noting that currently, construction of the Mpemba-Isongole section was underway.

Minister Kwandikwa was responding to a question from Mr Frank Mwakajoka who wanted to know what the government was doing to build the Mpemba-Ileje Road, saying it was strategically positioned to link Tanzania to the neighboring countries.

According to Mr Kwandikwa, during the 2017/18 Financial Year, the government set aside Sh4.455 billion for the Mpemba-Ileje section and that in the 2018/19 Financial Year, some Sh10 billion will be spent on the project.

Today Tanzania and Zambia are linked by the multinational highway Cayro-Cape Town but Malawi has not this connection.

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