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Mozambique seeks more investment in conservation

The National Administration of Conservation Areas of Mozambique (ANAC) announced on Wednesday in Maputo that authorities will take the opportunity of the International Conference on Nature-Based Tourism to seek more investments in the country’s conservation areas from public and private sectors.

The General Director of ANAC, Mateus Mutemba told the press that about 300 million U.S. dollars have been spent on the conservation areas for the last decade, adding that more investment opportunities will be exhibited at the conference to be held for the first time in Maputo from Thursday to Saturday.

“One of the objectives of the conference is to exhibit our patrimony as well as to promote the convergence between decision makers and investors, and we will sign a few agreements that allow investments to promote tourism,” said Mutemba.

The general director saluted the contribution from public-private partnership in the management of conservation areas, saying that in the last three years the process has been especially intensified with management models that include the participation of international institutions.

“One of the major benefits from this partnership is that we have succeeded in securing financial investment for our conservation areas, which is fundamental because for a period they went through a process of destruction, lack of resources and even now there are still challenges to fund conservation activities,” said the director.

According to Mutemba, the partnership has also contributed in providing logistics and resources for the repopulation of wild animals, designing initiatives for community development, and involving local communities in the protection of wildlife.

As one of the largest wildlife protection conferences in the world, the International Conference on Nature-Based Tourism brings decision makers and institutions together annually in its member countries to promote nature conservation and sustainable development.

Source: Xinhua

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