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South Africa and Mozambique to collaborate in oil and gas deal - FurtherAfrica
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South Africa and Mozambique to collaborate in oil and gas deal

Jeff Radebe, minister of energy in South Africa, has lined up a visit in Mozambique to discuss opportunities in building a Rovuma gas pipeline to Maputo between north and south of Mozambique, the gas being crucial for the supply of three regasification terminals that South Africa aims to build

Radebe said that South Africa’s intention to strengthen oil and gas deal with Mozambique further aims to explore more natural resources in the region, as Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa hold large gas reserves, with South Africa exploring more potential for shale gas.

As reported by APA News, both the African nations plan to develop the oil and gas industry, to boost the region’s energy economy.

As Mozambique has about 85 trillion cf of gas reserves, the country is also aiming to export gas to the international markets, especially to Germany, Britain, France and Italy, said the source.

Radebe further encouraged South African investors to collaborate with local authorities to build infrastructure projects and produce more liquefied natural gas and gas-based products.

Recently, East-Africa focussed oil and gas company Wentworth Resources has received a one-year extension to its appraisal license to drill a well in the Tembo block in Rovuma asset.

Source: Oil Review Africa

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