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Angola’s Somoil Company renews 300km of crude oil pipelines

About 300 kilometres of a network of crude oil transportation pipelines, managed by the Angolan Oil Society (Somoil) in Soyo Municipality, northern Zaire Province, were renewed by the mentioned company in the past ten years.

The information was given last Friday to the press by Somoil’s director for operations, José Maria, who explained that the company replaced the old pipelines network with a new one, with a view to avoiding the leaks recorded before.

“We are focused on renewing the pipelines, since they are very old, for we want to improve the operation levels more and more and protect the environment and guarantee safety for the population”, he stressed.

José Maria also disclosed that the company has made contacts with various national and foreign firms with a view to signing an agreement for the inspection of the Somoil’s crude oil transportation pipelines, whose network is of about 700 kilometres.

Source: Angop

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  1. That José Maria is a lunatic! 300 km are 300000 meters of pipe and each pipe has an average lenght of 11 meters, which mean a total of about 270 K pipes. The total cost of each pipe is about $100. Question is: who is going to pay that with an average production of 6 K bbl/day???
    What about the instalation cost which the main business of that den of snakes?

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