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Angola yields 7,000 tons of coffee/year

Angola produces 7,000 tons of coffee per year, a record still considered far from that of 1972 when the country reached 240,000 tons production.

The statistics have been released by National director of Coffee (INCA), João Ferreira.

Ferreira said so to the press at the first technical meeting of INCA opened Thursday by State Secretary, André de Jusus Moda, in Amboim municipality, coastal Cuanza Sul province.

He said that the current data obtained across the country are not yet satisfactory, as the previous record was of 240 tons of coffee output.

The official mentioned the armed conflict that hit the country as the greater setback mainly in the coffee production regions.

Another factor was the replacement of this kind of cultivation with high income plantation.

He predicted that the country’s production in the coming years may reach 50,000 tons.

Source: Angop

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