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Angola/Fazenda27: US$35M spent on juices

At least USD 35 million was earmarked for the construction and equipping of a tomato, juice and dairy production plant belonging to “Fazenda 27” based in Waku Kungo, coastal Cuanza Sul province, a source has told Angop.

The four-production line plant was partially financed by the “Angola Investe” programme and its own funding.

The factory’s juice and milk lines have a capacity to produce 12,000 packs/hour and 4,500 packets/hour of tomato by products, according to the deputy director of Fazenda 27, Sónia Leitão.

The plant also has the capacity to process six tons/hour of various fruits, in the line of concentrates.

In the marked since October 2015, Fazenda 27 is the holder of by product brands of “Konduto” tomato, “Kissumo” juices, and “Kanuco” milks, with the latter two also designed for school meals.

With its logistics base, installed in Luanda, the factory currently produces 50,000 juice packs (200 ml) on average (one 8-hour shift), equal quantities of milk and 40,000 for tomato sauce (250 g package) .

Sónia Leitão also announced that the plant is testing new flavors of juices and milk, in addition to launch, in the market, one liter pack of the “Kissumo” brand.

In view of the need for foreign exchange to import raw material, the official said that they continue to work to identify local suppliers of products to ensure the full operation of the factory.

Eyeing exports of products, as part of Angola’s accession to the Free Trade Zone of the continent and southern Africa, the board of Fazenda 27 has contacted some region-based countries.

They are Mozambique, South Africa and Republic of Congo.

Source: Angop

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