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Angola minister wants mapping of critical areas of fuel supply

The Oil Derivatives Regulatory Institute (IRDP) is expected to work on mapping the most critical areas of the country lacking fuel stations, aiming at its coverage, as soon as possible, said this Wednesday in Luanda, Minister of Mineral Resources and Petroleum, Diamantino Azevedo.

Speaking at the ceremony that marked the beginning of the IRDP’s governing body, made up of Manuel Albino Ferreira, director general, António da Silva Feijó and Carla Maria Camotim, deputy directors, the minister stressed that the sector is in a process of continuous liberalization of the oil derivatives market, which presupposes the existence of a technical body to monitor the entire process of the commercialization and distribution of petroleum products.

According to the official, the oil companies should actively collaborate with the Oil Derivatives Regulatory Institute (IRDP), in the task of regulating the oil derivatives sector, starting with the liberalization of the petroleum product logistics segment.

To that end, they should urgently submit a proposal to revise Presidential Decree No. 132/13 so that, in addition to Sonangol, other operators may intervene in this activity.

The purpose of the IRDP is to regulate the oil products sector, in accordance with its Statute and within the framework of the Law.

The following are the general attributions of the IRDP: Protect the rights and interests of consumers in relation to prices, services and quality of service, Promote and foster competition in order to improve the efficiency of the activities subject to its regulation.

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